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respect, love, & the talent of a true artist
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"Quality is a habit, not a virtue.  It must be practiced every day." ~ Aristotle

"As a highly-skilled portrait painter it really feels terrific to be able to do for my clients things that other folks doing photo restoration can't.  It's so rewarding to see people's eyes light up when I return to them a family member they'd considered lost." - Carol Hawkins

Carol Hawkins, a lifelong Austin Texas resident, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Texas at Austin where she minored in Design. A strong Art History background has equipped her to do all sorts of work including historical, photo, and painting restoration. One professor said, "Carol could be a forger."

Having done numerous commissioned portraits as well as many other fine art pictures depicting a vast array of subjects, Carol has demonstrated her talent as a fine artist. She works in several mediums including oils, pastels, watercolor, and acrylics. Advanced study in color theory as well as attention to detail are evident in all her work. It's this talent as a fine artist that allows Carol to perform amazing, often heroic, restoration.

Carol began doing photo and historical restoration in 2001. She loves doing restoration not only because of the challenge of creating a restored image that brings a smile, and maybe a tear, to the client's face but also because of the stories and the history behind each piece. Carol brings her caring attitude, ability to communicate, talent, and attention to detail to every restoration. Her work speaks for itself and her reputation is wide-ranging. Carol has had clients INSIST on sending her their photos from across the nation.

You can call Carol Hawkins Studio for all your art applications. Carol applies her personal philosophy to every single project. She is here to serve you.

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