Carol Hawkins Studio photo restoration
Professional restoration performed with
respect, love, & the talent of a true artist
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The first image you see, below, is the original image as it appeared when Carol received it for restoration.
Slide the arrow to the right to reveal the image after Carol's amazing restoration work.



Fully restored image.

This young woman was a relative of a foreman of the famous King Ranch in south Texas. Her portrait was in 3 pieces with major areas missing.

Carol restored the photo by piecing the sections together & repairing all traces of the tears. The client was so delighted with the restoration result that he asked her to paint in the lost areas (see image, above).

Carol used the one other photograph that the family had of this lovely woman to complete the bottom portion of her face. The photo Carol used for comparison was taken many years after this photograph.

Completing this photo restoration required Carol's use of artistic skill, extensive human drawing experience, and knowledge of anatomy to age regress the woman's face and complete this miraculous restoration. There are very few restorers who could do such amazing work. This restored image is truly the work of a fine artist.