Carol Hawkins Studio photo restoration
Professional restoration performed with
respect, love, & the talent of a true artist
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The first image you see, below, is the original image as it appeared when Carol received it for restoration.
Slide the arrow to the right to reveal the image after Carol's amazing restoration work.


Photo is very faded, spotted and part of the woman's face has been torn off. This photo would have been thrown away by many people because they would never have believed it could be salvaged.

Many photos in this condition have been thrown away. Thankfully the family brought it to Carol Hawkins Studio for extensive restoration.

Carol repaired the stains and scratches and created a replacement for the missing section of this portrait which included half of the mother's face and head. While restoring the photo, she found treasure buried in it. Extensive photo restoration revealed the young woman's beautiful dress as an entirely crocheted work of art. The black & white checkerboard style shoulders resemble a miniature shawl edged with fringe. At the waist and along the skirt are crocheted rosettes. A ruffled dress & crocheted headband revealed that the small child was a precious little girl.

This heroic rescue restoration took many hours of detailed painstaking work. It's just the kind of restoration that sets Carol apart from the rest. She truly cares about each and every family, their unique history, and the restoration of their precious images.

Thanks to Carol's keen eye and dedication to her profession a prominent south Texas family was able to see the portrait of their great-grandmother for the first time. What a wonderful gift this restored photo is for the whole family!