Carol Hawkins Studio photo restoration
Professional restoration performed with
respect, love, & the talent of a true artist
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There are many discount, cut-rate, and cheap photo restorers. But be aware that cut-rate restoration is likely to provide cut rate results.
Carol Hawkins' training and experience assure you that your precious photographs will be restored by a true artist and with amazing results. Carol treats each image carefully and respectfully giving cherished photos the attention to quality and workmanship they deserve.

Many cut-rate companies outsource their photo restoration. That means your restoration may be performed in a off shore.
Carol Hawkins Studio NEVER outsources. Your restoration work is lovingly, respectfully, and carefully carried out in Carol's studio in Austin, Texas.

Many cut rate restorers use inferior printing paper and processes. This means your restored photo may rapidly fade or quickly develop the issues that caused you to have it restored in the first place.
Hawkins Studio uses only the finest printing processes available to achieve a beautiful outcome. Quality printing assures that your restoration will look as great years from now as it does when you first receive it.

Careful restoration process takes time and requires tender loving care.
Rush jobs will incur additional charges.

Time required varies depending on the amount of damage to the photo.
Moderate damage requires an hour or more. Many photos benefit from extensive attention. Most of the images on this page have taken many hours to repair. Some have required 40 hours or more.

Photo restoration, colorizing, manipulation, & enhancement services are available. Length of time required for repair varies depending on the amount of damage to the photo. Minor restoration may require only half an hour's work. Moderate damage requires an hour or more. Some photos benefit from extensive attention.

When areas of the photo are missing, the image will have to be rebuilt.
This may be a time consuming effort. Sometimes so much detail has been lost either through fading, tears, or other damage, that painting a new image or portion of the image is required.

Only in rare situations can online bids be provided.
Carol prefers to consult with you to ascertain the level of service each of your photos will require. Pricing is commensurate with the time required to accomplish the restoration. Minimum charges begin at about $350.00.

Hawkins Studio also does some restoration work on paintings.
Carol is not a conservator. A professional conservator has earned a master's degree including advanced study of technical aspects of painting conservation. A consultation is necessary to determine whether and to what degree Carol can improve the look and condition of your artwork.

See our Gallery for examples of Carol's amazing restoration work.